How to connect devices in two cabinets?


The usual method of using cable entry holes in the roof or in the base of each cabinet is laborious, time-consuming and the space capacity is often insufficient. TRITÓN has developed a unique patented solution for its cabinets – patch frame. After installing the frame on the adjacent cabinet, it replaces the original door and greatly increases the capacity and convenience for cabling between cabinets.

Cable entries

Cable entries are covered with break-out plugs. In the place where you need to run the cables, plugs can be easily removed and the frame construction guarantees protection of the cables, including compliance with the bending radius of optical cables.

Large capacity

We offer patch frames for selected cabinet heights in two versions. The 75 mm deep version offers cable entries with dimensions 150 x 35 mm, deepened 115 mm version even 150x 75 mm. The most common patch frame for 42U high cabinet has 6 of these cable entries on each side.

Easy administration

The cabinet is supplied with double wing doors of all types as the standard configuration – glazed, fully metal, and perforated. After removing the door from its hinges, re-cabling between cabinets is a breeze, simply insert the cables into the prepared openings without pulling. It is possible to install a separation frame into already fully loaded cabinets.

Cable tray

Do you need to connect equipment in cabinets that are not directly adjacent? That is not a problem with the patch frame. Simply install a cable tray on top and you can easily bypass several cabinets exactly as needed. After closing the covers and doors and locking them, all cables are protected from unauthorized access.

Patch frame Patent: PUV 2012-26482.


Separation frame without openings

Especially with 800 mm wide cabinets, it is important to efficiently direct the cooling air through the door to the installed equipment. The flow between the side panels and vertical rails is prevented by the separation frame. It is mounted between the rails and the frame of the cabinet and secures this area perfectly thanks to the brush seal. The frame moves along with the vertical, which can still be attached in any depth of the cabinet. As a result, the usage of the frame does not restrict the user in selecting equipment.

Separation frame with openings

The version with additional 19“ positions increases the cabinet installation capacity by 6 positions 1U and allows the cabling to pass through the separation frame to the back of cabinet.

Delivery and installation

The separation frame set contains all the necessary components and assembly materials. The individual parts of the frame are mounted on the outside of the vertical rails using thread forming Tap-Tite screws. The frame with the additional 19“ positions is supplied with easy-to-install blanking panels fixed by plastic locks.


Easy-clip blanking panel

Blanking panel is a frequently detached accessory in data centers for the access to installed equipment. Therefore, we offer a version with plastic locks, which can be quickly removed as well as installed back into place

Plastic management ring

The verticals of the RDA cabinets are designed for easy installation of plastic rings. These are in the area next to the vertical and do not limit the 19“ installation in any way. Their installation and eventual removal are easy and fast and allow you to adjust the organisation of cables every time you change the installation (RAB-MS-X21-X1)

Adapter 23“/21“ and 21“/19“

Cabinets Tritón 800 mm wide allow the installation of vertical rails not only in 19“ span but also in 21“ and even 23“. In this case, this adapter is required for the use of conventional 19“ equipment. (RAX-RV-X01-X2).


Support of cable routes for Tritón cabinets. Height 150 mm.


Holder of PDU 1U (pair). The holders are designed for RTA, RDA cabinets only.


Holder of PDU 2U (pair). The holders are designed for RTA, RDA cabinets only.


Holder of PDU 1U (pair). The holders are designed for cabinets of width 800 mm – RMA, RZA.

RAB-UP-X23-A1, RAC-UP-X23-A1

19“ Server base station 3U, 750 mm, max. load 45 kg.


  • Screw M6 x 10 …………………………… 8x
  • Plastic washer ……………………………. 8x
  • Captive nut M6 ………………………….. 8x


Cable management vertical panel 10U – comb, for cabinets 800 mm wide, RAL9005.


Swing, removable cover for cable management vertical panel RAB-VP-H10-X1.


Adhesive foil for perforated door 80% – 6 mm (690 x 2090 mm), 47 U – free standing cabinets. It is used for blinding the perforation of temporarily unused cabinets in the data center.

Power distribution panels

Power distribution panels can be installed directly into the cabinet frame, saving valuable installation space. Thanks to the well-thought-out construction of the cabinet, the distribution panels do not disturb slide-out servers even in cabinets 600 mm wide.

Intelligent power distribution panels

The configuration of sockets, inputs and management level is always carried out according to the customer’s requirements.
Please contact your business partner for more information.
These distribution panels are designed for the installation into the frame of RDA cabinets. Depending on the type of management, it is possible to measure and monitor basic electrical values, temperature, humidity etc. The superior versions of the distribution panels allow, for example, chaining through a serial interface and switching of individual socket. The standard option is the possibility of communication through the IP protocol, SNMP, web interface and the possibility of the integration of a monitoring system.