Power Distribution


Power distribution units

Equipment installed in data centers often has very high power consumption. Along with the need for a power supply, it also brings the question of whether metering and remote device control are necessary. Therefore, you will find power distribution panels in our range, which not only allow you to switch each device on or off but also provide information on cabinet temperature and humidity, monitor the proper functioning of the cooling unit’s condensate drain, and signal an alarm when the cabinet door is open or other conditions you define. Any changes can be reported using the integrated software through a computer network, enabling you to oversee the data center without the physical presence of an operator. Distribution panels with management systems exist in many different models. In terms of dimensions, we offer products from the standard 19” panels to large vertical panels designed for house distribution systems, or in terms of different inputs (16A-64A, single-phase / three-phase). It is possible to choose from many product lines based on the required panel functionality (measurement of panel as a whole unit or measurement of individual outlets, the control panel as a whole or individual outlet switching, additional monitoring functions like temperature, humidity, door contact, or water flood sensor).

We will be happy to advise you to choose the most appropriate solution for you.